• Integrated Credit & Market Risk Solutions

    Because credit and market risk are often intertwined, we provide you with solutions incorporating both types of risk.

  • Risk Policies & Procedures

    IRISK assists you in defining your risk appetite and translating it into risk limits and procedures.

  • Risk Audit

    We can audit your risk and valuation processes in order to optimise their benefits to your business.

Consulting and Analysis

Our consulting offer covers most aspects of commodities credit and market risk as well as valuation issues. Please contact us for a tailored solution.

We favour a comprehensive approach encompassing both credit and market risk: adverse price movement can potentially deteriorate your counterparty's solvability; reciprocally, a major credit event can dry liquidity up and provoke extreme price movements. Occurences of such risk entanglement are most likely either for the weakest counterparties or for the most illiquid commodities. We assist you in analysing such potential effects.

Risk policies start with the board's expectations and requirements. Once risk appetite is clearly stated, capital at risk can be allocated across trading desks, products or counterparties. IRISK guides you through the different steps until the release of your risk policy.

We provide you with external and independent review of your credit and market risk systems and procedures.