The IRISK CTRM Add-In is the only Commodity Trading and Risk Management (CTRM) system fully integrated within Microsoft Excel. It conveniently combines trade capture, powerful valuation and risk management capabilities to the unmatched flexibility of spreadsheets for reporting and analysis.




Insight for commodities professionals
The CTRM Add-In is particularly beneficial for small to medium-sized commodity trading houses, producers, consumers or financing banks. Its usability and unique flexibility make it appealing to all decision makers and enablers, among which traders, marketers, structurers, operators, risk or valuation analysts, researchers, trade finance analysts or accountants.


  • Understand your P&L better and optimise prospective transactions
  • Analyse your risks in real-time and define the best hedging strategies
  • Promptly customise your reports and create amazing dashboards
  • Excel effortlessly and perform in-depth analysis; Share data across your firm
  • Lowest cost of ownership in the industry – Yet powerful solution


Trade Capture
Is trade capture an unnecessarily laborious and complex task for you? Do you depend upon an oversized trading system, or tedious manual work? Our solution takes the pain and complexity out of your schedule and allows you to promptly book your cross-commodities physical and financial trades. Formula pricing, multiple currencies, a wide range of financial instruments and easy integration of broker statements are readily supported.

What is your portfolio worth right now? And how did it perform during the market dip? What about this specific deal? And this prospective one? How to tweak the pricing formula to maximise profits? The CTRM Add-In gives you the right tools to effortlessly answer all these questions and many others. Mark your transactions to market and accrue all related costs to gain real-time insight into your P&L.

Risk Management
Our solution enables you to know your risks in one click and hedge accordingly thanks to a broad set of real-time and customisable analytics, including:

  • Position report
  • Stress testing and sensitivity analysis
  • Value-At-Risk (historical or parametric)
  • Potential Future Exposure (PFE)

Ad-Hoc Analysis & Reporting
Don’t waste precious time and energy tediously compiling data anymore. The IRISK CTRM Add-In empowers your spreadsheet models, reports and studies with one-click analysis capabilities and more than a hundred Excel-like functions dedicated to data retrieval, pricing or risk analysis. Powerful and flexible reports are readily available, and VBA users can extend the functionalities even further thanks to a library of procedures. We help you save time and focus on the metrics that really matter to you.

Data Management
Our solution allows you to instantly share all your transaction and pricing data, including proprietary prices, across your organisation. You can opt to host your database in either our cloud server or your in house network. Both ensure prompt delivery of information to all IRISK-boosted spreadsheets. Accurate data are then ready to populate your users’ analysis and reports in no more than a single click, allowing them to take quick business decisions based on actual facts.


CTRM Diagram

Reduce risk & maximise profits
The CTRM Add-In has been developed by commodity risk and trading professionals and aims at helping you track, protect and optimise your physical and financial commodity portfolio.

Unmatched flexibility
As the only CTRM system fully integrated within Excel, our solution is highly configurable and allows you to value, analyse and report as you need. You can use it as a stand-alone application or naturally integrate it to your models, reports or other systems. The team at IRISK can assist you in developing fully tailored solutions.

Get the right information. Right away.
You will quickly excel at getting timely, focused and accurate information to support all your critical trading decisions. The Add-In requires minimal or no training and is rapidly delivered.

Lowest cost of ownership for a CTRM system
Our aim is to provide a comprehensive yet really affordable solution to every commodity trading professional.



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CTRM Add -In

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