Commodity Pricing


IRISK Commodity Pricing is a service that provides end-of-day consensus market prices from active commodities market participants. It helps you reliably value your portfolio, analyse prices and take trading decisions based on accurate data.


Quality data for commodities professionals
IRISK Commodity Pricing is particularly beneficial to commodity trading houses, producers and consumers. It empowers analysts with independent and unbiased marks that foster fair valuation, strengthens the negotiation position of traders and marketers, and brings transparency as well as confidence to management and shareholders.



  • Accurately mark your positions to market, including the less liquid ones
  • Strengthen your negotiating power with superior pricing knowledge
  • Benchmark your trades and portfolio on a daily basis
  • Simplify price aggregation; Centralise your data sources
  • Cost-effective yet reliable and comprehensive solution


Price Assessments
Do you depend upon fragmented, error-prone and sometimes disputable pricing data? Our consensus based approach uses robust statistical testing and filtering in order to provide you with reliable mid-market prices for a comprehensive range of commodities. Our team also applies qualitative judgement when establishing our daily assessments, and answers all your queries on price formation.

Product Coverage
How do you mark infrequently traded products to market? What about illiquid forward positions? Our service provides you with full term structures for a wide range of physical commodities. As long as enough quality contributions can be polled, every single position in your portfolio can actually be properly valued. Contribute to our price discovery poll and make your market expertise count.

Reliable End-of-Day Data
Timely delivery of reliable data is crucial for your end-of-day valuation and risk calculations. It is why we poll our contributors shortly after market closing time and publish our assessments as soon as enough satisfactory quotes have been gathered and analysed. At month-end, further quality checks including interaction with contributors ensure your smooth delivery of premium data.

Robust Methodology
A rigorous statistical process combined with qualitative analysis of contributions and market conditions ensures the exclusion of stale, unreliable and random data. Four acceptable quotes is a required minimum for any data point and a system of rewards and sanctions acts as an incentive for virtuous contributions. We thoroughly follow these stringent measures in order to provide you with highly reliable consensus market prices.

Independent & Confidential
We are totally independent from any market participant and provide unbiased prices. Our sole aim is to bring transparency to your portfolio and your market. Our members’ prices are handled with the utmost confidentiality and consensus data are only available for qualified contributions. We satisfy all conditions for independent price verification and strive to fulfil all your audit and regulatory requirements.




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Commodity Pricing


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