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Rapidly evolving commodities markets have brought challenges to suppliers, consumers, trading houses, banks and other market participants, among which:

  • illiquid and opaque markets
  • hard-to-value trades and assets
  • opaque counterparties
  • volatile commodity prices
  • imperfect hedging

Our mission is to bring transparency to pricing and valuation of illiquid commodities assets, to foster credit risk awareness and mitigation and to support market risk measurement and minimisation.

We assist you in minimising risk while you transform raw materials into profits.

We believe you shouldn't avoid risk, but rather take better risk.

We value clear and concise information to support rapid and considered decisions.

Transform Raw Materials into Profits


Philippe Merlin created IRISK in 2016 to solve some problems he encountered again and again in his 10-year career in commodities risk management: to get a reliable insight into market prices, counterparties' solvability and ways to reduce market risk.

Prior to founding IRISK, Philippe worked as a credit analyst and a market risk analyst at Société Générale before taking the responsibility of risk management at Ambrian Energy. Philippe has a Master's in Physics from ENSPG and a Master's in European Business from ESCP-Europe.

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